“Learn How To Leave Your 9 To 5 Or Replace Your Current Income Without Leaving And Still, Live Like The Wealthy!”
With Retired CPA, CFE & Former IRS Agent
Sherry Peel Jackson
The information in Sherry’s package will show you how to decrease your expenses and increase your income. She teaches time-tested strategies that you won’t learn from the television and radio gurus.
Keep What You Earn!
Sherry’s Wake The People  package teaches strategies to protect your assets because it’s not just about what you earn – it’s also about what you can keep. With the IRS and other predators out to get what’s yours, you need sound procedures to protect your family fortress – just like the wealthy do!
Grow What You Earn!
Wealthy people collect assets. Their assets grow based on the formula for compound interest and they become wealthier. Sherry will teach you the secrets of the wealthy and show you what vehicles they invest in – giving you ideas and choices for how to build your earnings into wealth.
Part 1: How to Take The Money That You Already Have And Leverage Your Income

Part 2: How To Legally Reduce Your Taxes While Skyrocketing Your Revenues

Part 3. You’re Going To Learn How To Maximize Your Dollars To Increase Your Income Fast
Part 4. You’ll Receive Specific Tactics For Your Current Situation Because Not Every Situation Is The Same

Part 5. Also Learn How Giving Back To The Community And Leaving A Legacy Will Fund Your Desires For A Lifetime

Part 6. Finally, You’ll No Longer Wonder, But Have Clear Insights On How The Wealthy Stay Wealthy And On Your Next Steps To Financial Greatness
System Value $2,797
You will also receive a copy of each book: How To Escape The Rat Race & The How To Stick It To The IRS books and…
  • Six of Sherry’s Financial Wisdom Reports in PDF Format — A $97 Book and Report Value.
  • Audio Lessons on How To Escape The Rat Race & Stick It To The IRS ($997 Value) PLUS…•   
  • One video of an all-day live Escape The Rat Race & Stick It To The IRS Event ($997 Value)
Fast Action Bonuses For Those Who Register:
  • • Bonus 1: One PDF Report that in includes the Actual IRS Interview Questions Used To Trap You and The Actual Indirect Methods IRS Uses To Find Unreported Income ($97 Value)
  • • Bonus 2: The First 50 People to Register Will Receive One Free  45-Minute Personal Strategy Session with Sherry Peel Jackson ($297 Value)   
Bonus Value $394
 When You Purchase This Package and Join The Live Calls, You Will
 Have The Opportunity To Ask Questions At The End Of Each Call.
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Thank you for choosing to purchase my six-part program and congratulations on deciding to change your life!  I have over 30 years in Financial Accounting, Business Development and Consulting Experience and I desire to use this experience to help you Thrive. Some people don't want to change their life, they just want something for nothing and will order this product, try to download everything and then ASK for a refund. I know that this type of person is not you. But, as for Digital Downloads and non-physical products, you will immediately receive your product purchase when you order and when you attend the teleconference calls and/or listen to the classes via reocrding.  Since these are NOT physical products that you can return, I can't issue any type of refund. The classes will be recorded for those that register, and you will receive a link to listen at your leisure whether you attend the live sessions or not.  Bless you and get ready for the BootCamp! 
 — SPJ
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