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Sherry has been a blessing to us in the accounting and financial area. She worked hard to make sure we understand the importance of sound financial policy and procedures and she helped us set up our books and internal controls so that we wouldn't have any business office issues. She is an advocate for keeping the ministry safe and running smoothly.

Sherry Jackson has been helping us with our accounting system needs for several years. She is very professional in her demeanor and serious about making sure that the Body of Christ exudes integrity and good stewardship.

When our church was ready to expand and start new autonomous ministries Sherry was there to lead us through the tedious process of forming a non-profit organization. Her knowledge of the process got us our non-profit status in record time!

Pastor Eileen Hunt

The Father's House
Norcross, Georgia

The Problem:

Let’s face the truth...too many churches are plagued with financial challenges that include general business mismanagement, cash flow problems, and tax issues. Many assume that because they are incorporated and have a 501(c)(3) tax status that all is well. “We’re Protected,” many churches mistakenly think.

A great number of the church members are also struggling financially or simply can’t make ends meet, and the pastor and church administrators are well aware of the congregational financial woes. Lack of money makes it hard for congregants to tithe and participate in various ministries, and slows down the move of God in fulfilling the Great Commission.

But what’s not well known and/or not well understood by most administrators and pastors alike is how to gain the insights to create a new financial dynamic and vision for their church or ministry, and how to protect themselves and the church by uncovering the five areas that affect the financial health and wellness of the church.

With church administrators being the loyal servants they are, they don’t what to make waves and challenge the pastor to do what is needed to fix their personal and church financial, business, and tax obstacles. Many times the church staff is unaware of methods to properly navigate specific situations, which can prove costly if the church or ministry continues to operate blindly or in ignorance.

And Pastors are often afraid of transparency--and rightly so--as immature saints and even fellow pastors may share sensitive information with others. So, the shroud of secrecy with the pastor, administrator and sometimes the staff continues, putting the pastor and/or church at serious risk without them even being aware of the dangers of inaction.

Just because you have a CPA or a Lawyer on your board or on call doesn’t mean that you and your church are protected from the many difficulties that churches of all sizes and cultures face on a weekly basis. Unless these professionals are well versed in church business, they are considered general practitioners, possibly lacking the knowledge that will provide damage control if the church gets into a crisis situation.

Many church administrators and pastors assume that all is well, but never consider “The Five Biggest Ministry Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid” and how these mistakes may currently be affecting them--or even worse, how these issues may one day, 5, 10, even 20 years from now...shut their doors for good!

This is where I come in; I offer confidential Financial, Tax and Business Building Programs that address the underlining challenges that pastors, ministries and church congregations face. I solve the problems that lead to the mistakes that 80% of today’s churches are making. Ignoring the truth will not make you free from potential bondage!

The Solution:

As a licensed minister, retired CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, and a former IRS agent, I’m excited about sharing the following information with pastors, ministries and their congregations around the country, because for so long pastors and churches have been both ignored and considered irrelevant or ridiculed because of a few bad apples. Some people are even scaring the small churches and pastors, telling them that they’ll go to jail if they even breathe in the wrong direction. But I’m here to help put pastors and churches at ease by preparing them to handle all types of difficult issues that have been steadily arising in this day and age.

My passion has always been geared toward helping pastors and their congregations. I audited ministers for the last 2 and a half years of my career at the IRS and I’ve worked with pastors and churches in some capacity for going on 25 years. I am very aware of the struggles that you go through:

  • Trying to maintain integrity in the church finances and formulate fair and proper church policy.
  • Trying to develop and maintain strategies to foster church growth and discipleship.
  • Trying to implement sound methods to produce wealth in the church and the congregation.
  • Trying to keep the church’s and the pastor’s personal finances from scrutiny from the IRS, lawsuits and others out to do them harm.

Whether it’s through one-on-one mentoring or group-training sessions, I’ve changed the lives of pastors and churches all over the country by enabling them to:

  • Maintain proper finances and implement fair and balanced church policies.
  • Create strategic plans to win and disciple the neighborhoods.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial spirit in the pastors and congregations so that resources for Kingdom work will flow in with little effort.
  • Avoid being audited, or help them stick it to the IRS if they are audited.
  • Avoid lawsuits from parties within and outside of the church.

Pastor Green, pastor of a church of approximately 100 families, was receiving funds under the guise of a housing allowance but was not earning a salary. Upon engaging me to review the church finances, I immediately educated Pastor Green and the financial team about why this practice was ripe for IRS audit. Upon studying the church and the pastor’s operations, I was able to strike a balance between salary and housing allowance to put Pastor Green and the financial team at ease concerning the funds he received, and I was able to improve the overall operations of the business and administrative offices.


I’ve known Sherry since 1996, and truly God has ordained her as a gift to the Body of Christ for such a time as this. She’s bold, knowledgeable and relevant for leaders and layman alike. She’s helped me manage my tax situation with precision. I’m currently seeking to network her gift with other churches both in South and North Carolina. Her teachings and materials have been tested and tried and proven to be essential for those who will hearken. She’s a true battle tested soldier you can count on.

Bishop W. James Fuller, Jr.
Earthen Altar Ministries

Sherry Peel Jackson’s Consulting Programs

Church Consulting Packages:

I’m here to offer confidential help with strategic administrative and financial solutions; tax issues, audit questions; business start-ups; and savings and growth strategies. You can book one of two sessions:


The 1-hour session is $297 and includes my book, Church Wealth, Ministry Health.


The three-hour session is $497 and also includes my book. (The three-hour session does not have to be completed all at the same time.)

Speaking Engagements:

Please contact me if you would like me to conduct a live workshop in your area. I conduct live workshops all over the U.S. for Pastors, Pastor Guests and their Congregations. I facilitate a Friday night session for pastors and ministers only from 7pm-9pm and a Saturday Morning session for their Congregants at 10am.

Church and Pastoral Assessment:

During this assessment, I will put on my ex-IRS agent hat and perform a thorough walkthrough/review of your financial systems and protocols, review your administrative policies and procedures, interview staff members and scrutinize your internal controls. Other areas that I will evaluate will be your organizational structure, insurance, budgeting and strategic planning.

This assessment will include a look at the pastor’s personal financial situation, if requested, to determine audit and/or lawsuit risk. At the conclusion of this assessment, you will receive a written report, a one-hour consultation to explain the report and give suggestions for improvement, and a telephone or on-site follow-up at least three months later to assess the status and observe the improvements.

Travel and lodging expenses are to be paid by the client and vary based on location. $4,997

Explore My Five Tailor-made Church and Clergy Finances Modules starting at $3,997.

Purchase includes personal consultation with administrators with the price being determined by the number of consultations desired.

Here’s What You’ll Get in The Mastering
Church & Clergy Finances Modules:

Appropriate Church Finances & Policy

You'll learn:

  • The Proper Church Accounting Process
  • How To Write And Implement Proper Policies & Procedures
  • The Importance And Implementation Of Internal Controls
  • When Church Issues Can Cause Personal Liability
  • The Proper Method To Structure Pastor And Minister Salaries
  • The Importance Of Key Man Insurance
  • Proper Documentation For Guest Ministry Gifts
  • The Best Way To Add A Ministry To Your Current List Of Ministries
  • The Proper Way To Handle Church Travel And Reimbursements

Church Strategic Planning And Growth

You'll learn:

  • Ways To Attract And Keep Loyal Disciples
  • How To Select A Competent Pastor
  • How To Create Unity And Synergy Within Your Congregation
  • How To Create A Viable Church/Ministry Budget
  • How To Raise And Administer Finances
  • The Beauty Of Having A Community Development Corporation
  • How To Prepare And Implement A Strategic Business Plan For Church Growth
  • The Importance Of Developing Strategic Partnerships In Your Community

Pastors And Ministers IRS Audits

You'll learn:

  • The #1 Way Pastors Are Selected For Audit
  • What Constitutes Minister Salaries Vs. Gifts
  • The Dangers Of Having A Separate For-Profit Ministry
  • Pastor & Minister Tax Savings Strategies
  • How To Shield Your Personal Assets From Seizure By The IRS
  • Strategies To Avoid Pastor IRS Audits
  • How To Handle An IRS Audit If You Can’t Avoid One
  • The Schemes Used To Trick Pastors

Proper Wealth Creation For Pastors & Congregations

You'll learn:

  • Learn The Fastest Way To Increase Your Income
  • How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income
  • What The Wealthy Do To Stay Wealthy
  • How To Avoid Retiring Broke By Creating Your Own Elegant Solution
  • Your Recipe For Financial Freedom
  • How To Restructure Your Personal Affairs For Maximum Wealth
  • The Principles Of Wise Investing
  • How To Help Your Congregation Become Wealthy

Prevention Of And Protection From Lawsuits

You'll learn:

  • The Ways To Protect Your Pastor & Church From Lawsuits
  • How To Identify Signs Of Trouble That Cause Church Splits
  • The Dangers Of Nepotism In The Church
  • How To Avoid Embezzlement Of Church Funds
  • How To Recognize The Signs Of Sexual Harassment In The Church
  • When And When Not To Counsel Members And Non-Members
  • How To Protect Your Congregation From Identity Theft
  • Methods Of Damage Control In Case Your Church Faces A Lawsuit

If your know you need Sherry’s HELP, or just have a few quick questions that you need answered before taking the next step, you can request a FREE 15 minute call with Sherry today!

To qualify for the call you must first meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be a pastor if you desire to work on pastor-related items, or a church administrator or person with board authority to work on church-related items.
  2. Sherry will quickly answer 1 or 2 questions only during the free 15 minute call. If you need more information, you can book one of her Church Consulting Packages.
  3. If you desire additional help though our Church and Pastoral Assessment or any of our Mastering Church & Clergy Finances Modules, please note that these are all premium training programs; therefore our fees are non-negotiable.

Still Don’t Think This Program Is For Your
Pastor, Ministry Or Church Congregtion?

Nothing like this program exists, as most CPAS don’t possess the knowledge of church administration and finances, together with the complexities of pastoral personal finance and taxes. In general, a CPA does not have the experience of an IRS agent or a fraud examiner.

The one category that I sometimes get placed into, as far as expertise is concerned, is a compliance auditor. However, I dive much, much deeper into the root of church financial systems and the pastor’s personal tax and finance situations in order to provide better solutions for the pastor and the ministry.

Here’s what Sherry will reveal:

  • Unique and creative ways to increase giving and ministry participation on a tight budget.
  • The rapid path to developing sound financial and administrative policies that will keep your church operating in integrity and without strife.
  • The most important reasons why you need to immediately identify all entrepreneurs in your congregation and consistently provide them with solid business training, starting with my basic business program.
  • Reliable methods to avoid IRS intervention in your church and in your personal affairs.
  • Super useful strategies to increase your personal and congregational income and assets.
  • The most well guarded secrets about how to pay less personal and congregational income taxes.
  • Simple and industrious ways to liberate your church and your congregation from debt.
  • Crippling myths about most church plans and why they fail or cause the church to go backwards instead of forward.
  • Clever tips to protect the church’s assets and your personal assets?
  • Surprising facts you don’t know about how the wealthy invest differently than you do.
  • Amazing ways to buy back your time to spend more with family. IMAGINE what it will feel like when you are able to spend more time with family and friends, or work on projects that give you peace and comfort.

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