Well Fargo CEO Stumpf And Others Should Go To Prison!

Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf and other executives should go to prison. When will you reach your breaking point! Wait till you have 20 minutes to watch this and then take action! As long as We The People put up with this mess they will continue to rape us.  This is the epitome of a Bankster!!  … Read more

Wells Fargo – Where Is The Outrage?

I guess some people ARE really above the law. Seems like theft is okay if you work for a bank. I didn’t steal anybody’s money but I got canned. Yes I am outraged! I don’t have an account at Wells Fargo but if I did I wouldn’t any more! I am so fed up with … Read more

I'm Taking My Toys And Going Home!

He Everyone. First I would like to give you this important message:  Please hear me folks. I’m not the little girl that cried wolf! Get out of those 401K’s and get gold! https://youtu.be/zGW5GWi2uT Next, I would like to invite you to an Atlanta workshop called, “The Elimination of Taxation and Debt Accumulation Frustration.”  The workshop … Read more